Business Continuity

At Celon, we understand that every business faces risks that could disrupt their operations, and that’s why we offer our Business Continuity service. We provide comprehensive planning and support to help you prepare for any unexpected event that could impact your business, from natural disasters to cyberattacks and more.

Our team of experts takes a strategic approach to business continuity planning, working closely with your organization to assess risks and develop customized plans that align with your unique needs and goals. We prioritize collaboration and communication throughout the process, ensuring that all stakeholders are involved and informed.

Our Business Continuity Services

Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

This service involves a comprehensive assessment of an organization's critical business functions, processes, and systems, with the aim of identifying potential impacts of a disruption or disaster. The analysis helps organizations prioritize their recovery efforts, identify critical dependencies, and develop strategies to mitigate the impact of disruptions.

Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)

This service involves developing a comprehensive recovery plan that outlines the procedures and strategies for restoring critical business functions and systems in the event of a disaster or disruption. The plan includes identifying key personnel, backup and recovery procedures, communication protocols, and testing and maintenance schedules.

Crisis Management Planning

This service involves creating a plan that outlines how an organization will respond to an unexpected crisis, such as a natural disaster, cyberattack, or public health emergency. The plan includes procedures for notifying and communicating with stakeholders, establishing command and control structures, and coordinating with external agencies.

Business Continuity Management (BCM)

This service involves a comprehensive approach to managing an organization's continuity in the face of potential disruptions. It involves the development and implementation of strategies, policies, and procedures to ensure that critical business functions, processes, and systems can be maintained or rapidly restored in the event of a disruption or disaster.

IT Disaster Recovery

This service focuses specifically on the recovery of an organization's IT systems and infrastructure in the event of a disaster or disruption. It includes backup and recovery procedures, data replication, and testing and maintenance schedules to ensure that critical IT systems and applications can be restored quickly and efficiently.

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