Infrastructure Decommissioning

Our Approach to Infrastructure Decommissioning

At Celon, we understand that managing the lifecycle of your IT infrastructure can be challenging, particularly when it comes to decommissioning old equipment. Our Infrastructure Decommissioning Services can help you securely and efficiently retire your IT assets while adhering to environmental regulations and minimizing data security risks.
We take a thorough and meticulous approach to decommissioning your IT infrastructure. Our experienced team will work closely with you to develop a tailored decommissioning plan that meets your specific needs and requirements. Our services include secure data destruction, equipment removal, asset management, and environmentally responsible disposal or recycling.


With our Infrastructure Decommissioning Services, you can enjoy the following benefits:
Minimized data security risks

Our secure data destruction processes ensure that all data on retired equipment is erased completely.

Compliance with regulations

We adhere to all environmental regulations and guidelines to ensure that your decommissioning process is compliant.

Reduced operational costs

By retiring outdated equipment, you can reduce maintenance and support costs, as well as lower energy consumption and associated costs.

Improved IT infrastructure

With our decommissioning services, you can free up valuable space, increase your storage capacity, and upgrade your IT infrastructure