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At Celon we understand the importance of keeping your business’s systems up to date and secure. That’s why we offer top-quality patch management services to our clients. Patch management is the process of maintaining current software and security updates on a computer or network, and it’s critical for businesses to keep their systems protected from vulnerabilities.

key benefits:

Reduced downtime

Keeping your systems up to date means fewer interruptions to your business operations.

Improved performance

Up-to-date software can improve the performance of your systems and applications.

Increased security

Patch management helps to protect your systems from vulnerabilities and cyber attacks.

Cost savings

By avoiding expensive downtime and potential security breaches, you can save money in the long run.

Our Patch Management Service

Our patch management service is designed to make sure your systems are always up to date with the latest software and security patches. We use a comprehensive approach to patch management that includes the following steps:

We assess your current patch management process to identify areas of improvement.


We work with you to create a customized patch management plan that fits your business needs.


We implement the patch management plan and deploy the latest patches to your systems.


We monitor your systems to ensure that all patches are installed and working properly.


We provide regular reports on the status of your systems and any updates or patches that have been applied.

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