Web Risk Managment

Discover your website’s vulnerabilities before it’s too late.

Continuously monitor your websites to quickly identify and resolve security threats and privacy issues

Discover WHO your third-party vendors and open-source tools are, and compile them into a comprehensive digital inventory.

Understand WHAT the behaviors of these third-party vendors and open-source tools are, and the related security impact of their actions.

Map the relationships between your third-party vendors and open-sources, uncover WHERE your third-parties communicate data with and with which domains.


Web Skimming and Magecart

Protecting websites from specific attacks aimed at stealing sensitive information (credit card data and more).

PCI Compliance

Facilitates ongoing compliance with PCI-DSS 4.0 (data security standards for payment industries), without requiring a significant resource investment.

Tag Manager Security

Provides complete visibility and control over Tags, notifying of new Tags or changes in the website environment, even if added through an approved Tag Manager.

Website Privacy Enforcement

Monitors and evaluates the handling of personal and sensitive data, ensuring website compliance with privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA, thereby preventing breaches and fines.

Web Exposure Management

Focuses on monitoring and controlling the visibility and security of all website components, ensuring they are protected and comply with regulations.

Web Supply Chain Risks

Identifies and mitigates risks associated with third-party and fourth-party dependencies on the website, ensuring that external components do not compromise security.

User-friendly platform offering advanced protection effortlessly.

This service offers a unique competitive edge by providing immediate, comprehensive visibility and proactive security without impacting your website’s performance. Its user-friendly design ensures easy management, making sophisticated security accessible even for non-technical team members, ensuring your web assets are consistently protected and compliant.

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